Psychological Services  

Therapeutic Movement

Movement for the Mind- Gentle Yoga

Along with many other therapeutic strategies, Vicki, can offer individual or group yoga sessions for emotional wellness. These can be incorporated in to current treatment interventions or they can be a stand alone form of intervention for a variety of mental health difficulties including the management of stress. These services are tailored to individuals, community service programs and work place wellness initiatives within agencies and companies.

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

When anxiety or depression are present often our thoughts are located in either the past or future. Mindful movement while focusing on our breath guides us to the present moment and away of the fear, worry and sense of hopeless that can exist in those other time orientations.

Yoga for Trauma and PTSD

Often after living through trauma, a sense of control of our movement is lost and a difficulty in claiming our body as our own lingers. When engaged in Mindful Yoga, a sense of our body is felt again, our choice in movement is restored, and our natural rhythms become our own personal resources.

Yoga for Stress management

Our physical experience of stress negatively impacts our whole body system. Stress is felt within our minds, hearts and bodies. Stress activates our nervous system and can make day to day functioning very difficult. Yoga has been proven to decrease physiological arousal and calm our whole system; allowing us to make better decisions, develop more positive relationships, and live the life we intend

Vicki is a Registered Yoga Teacher 200-HR with Yoga Alliance. She integrates yoga practices within her counselling sessions through the use of postural awareness, breath and meditative activities. These strategies are extremely effective for emotional regulation and calming physiological arousal. Vicki became registered as a Yoga teacher due to her belief in the effectiveness of yoga as a healing tool. This passion guides her to utilize these teachings within her therapeutic work with clients.